Is your visa application refused?

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You are landed on this page because you are shocked by receiving a visa refusal notification from the Department of Home Affairs. Perhaps you are not sure what the next step would be  and you want to do anything possible to change the refusal decision to a positive outcome.

Well, the good news is most of refusal decisions are reviewable if you (the visa applicant) are in Australia. Even in some cases, if the visa applicant is outside Australia, the decision might be still reviewable. However, we need to carefully assess your situation in order to advise where exactly you are standing and whether you would have any chance with the review process.

Review Rights

The review right and the relevant timeframe to lodge an appeal  to Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) are usually stated on your refusal notification. However, sometimes the decision-makers fail to advise correct review rights ending up with issuing defective notifications. Therefore, we strongly recommend to consult a registered migration agent as soon as possible to ensure you are aware of your legal rights in relation to lodging an appeal application and your immigration status.

Act Quickly!

If you are entitled to merit review right, you have a limited time to apply for an appeal to the AAT.  It is important to contact a registered migration agent as soon as you are notified of your visa refusal decision.

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